Troubleshooting Guides Mobiles Brand Level / Stock Android Troubleshooting Stock Android Guides Lollipop (5.x)Lollipop Troubleshooting FAQ’s

Troubleshooting Guides Mobiles Brand Level / Stock Android Troubleshooting Stock Android Guides Lollipop (5.x) Lollipop Troubleshooting FAQ’s


  1. If the device is rebooted, what happens to the recently opened apps?

Ans. Any device running Android 5.0 and above saves the state of the apps and all the recent apps are open even after the reboot, this feature is also available on Android 6.0

  1. What is the smart lock feature all about?

Ans. Smart Lock is feature which allow you to quickly unlock your device, when it verifies the its in certain location or paired to a trusted device.

Ex. If you pair your phone with a bluetooth device and set the device as trusted device, then Phone would skip the lockscreen Code/pattern/password and directly unlock thinking that the device is with actual owner.

You can also set a location as trigger, so if the phone detects that its in a particular location set as trusted location then the Lock Screen would skip password/pattern/code screen and directly unlock.

  1. Does this version support tweaking of display color?

Ans. Stock Android does not have an option of tweaking color, but some manufacturers like Samsung, LG & LeEco have baked in the features on their devices

  1. How does this version help in improving text legibility?

Ans. There are options available in Accessibility to change the font size.

  1. How is the battery saver mode enabled?

Ans. Battery saver can be enabled manually by going into settings and or you set it to automatically turn when the battery goes below 5/15%.

  1. What is Tap to wake feature?

Ans. Tap to wake is turn the display on from standby mode when someone taps the display. Available in some devices only as this is hardware level feature which should be supported by the device.

  1. How does the Tap and Go feature help existing Google Android users?

Ans. Tap & Go uses NFC to restore data from your existing devices to a new devices, even If one of the device does not have NFC this might not work.

  1. What is screen pinning?

Ans. Screen Pinning pins a particular App to the device screen and will not allow you to exit that pinned app, Stock Android uses a combination of Recent Apps and back key pressed simultaneously to exit the pinned app.


  1. How does one hide sensitive notifications?

Ans. You can go to settings and lock screen options, if you have a passcode or pattern or fingerprint then you have an option to hide the contents of the notification so that no one sees what you have got until the phone is unlocked.

  1. What is the change in the notification bar of the Lollipop version?

Ans. Lollipop has introduces quick toggles when you swipe down the notification bar and pull the notification shade it opens up the quick toggles. You can do a two finger swipe down from the top to directly open the quick toggles.

  1. Does this version have the ability for a quick search amongst the settings?

Ans. Search is available in settings, which can be used to search for different options in the settings.

  1. How is the flashlight/torch apps made easily accessible?

Ans. Flashlight can be accessed from the quick settings in Stock vanilla lollipop, but some other manufacturers also provide apps for this function. You can also download various 3rd party apps from the Play Store

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